Standard first aid /aed

Lifesaving Society certification Learn how to respond appropriately in emergencies using resuscitation techniques, recognition of signs and symptoms, and knowledge of treatments for shock, fainting, bleeding, head injury, and head injury. column, the use of DEA and the administration of epinephrine. Also, know what to do in case of minor incidents: Recognition of signs and symptoms and knowledge of treatment for angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, transient cerebral ischemia, stroke, intoxication, poisoning, abdominal pain, problems related to cold and heat, burns, electrification, electrocution, fractures, sprains, know how to respond to possible complications of resuscitation and perform primary and secondary examination in conscious and unconscious victims. The CPR, DEA and Anaphylaxis 1,5 hr certifications are included in this training.

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First aid training


Training specially designed for parents of young children and their families.

Training specially designed for parents of young children who want to know how to act in case of different injuries regarding their toddler.

Training tailored to your needs and can be delivered to your home.

Training required before taking the Lifeguard National Rescue training.

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First aid - toddler

This training was specially designed by Accours.o.secours for parents of young children. It is short-term and you learn, by theory, practice and especially situations, what to do in case of life emergencies with our baby or our young child. On the menu, cardiopulmonary resuscitation and what to do in case of choking and drowning.

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